We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! :D
We made a “Stopmotion Christmas Card” to wish a merry christmas to you and all our friends and family (so we decided to create different versions for each language). Hope you like it!
You can also get the vimeo links on:
Stopmotion + AfterEffects + Premiere
Music: Christmas’ Coming – Orchestra
Typo: Little Bird

Drawings – Al rescate de los cuadernos de investigación

Research Notebook 2013-2014
Research Notebook 2013-2014

Al rescate de los cuadernos de investigación.

Yorokobu is a magazine about design and innovation. They published an article about the “research notebooks” and the work of Carla Boserman and Jaron Rowan, both teachers of BAU University of Design of Barcelona. In the article they show some examples of the students projects, and one of them is mine. I’ll post some pages of my research notebook (we call them our “passports”) as soon as possible. By the moment, some of the passports are in an open exhibition in BAU. You can check more information about the exposition HERE.